Coming of Age

Gleaming from the Rose Morris windows of the world, the legendary Shaftesbury line of guitars enticed London's budding guitar heroes and gigging musicians to pick up and play. Soon to be synonymous with the London sound, these tools were wielded by the working musician and London's elite alike. From the windmill power-chords of swinging London, the tones of the future were heard for miles and miles. The city. The gig. The vibe. Echoing excellence once again is a call to our dedicated followers of fashion…. It's smashing time!


Our Gear

These are tools for the gigging musician. We know you. You want reliability, style and most importantly, tone. With the new line of Shaftesbury guitars we make playing live fun again with top-shelf electronics, vintage vibe and unparalleled support. Each instrument is hand-assembled right here in the heart of London with care and attention to detail.

So, whatever your style of music, we have an instrument for you, large or small, back bedroom or a major arena, remember Shaftesbury is all about playing live.

Rose Morris

Ninety years in the business has taught us a thing or two. Our good name revolves around the axis of tone, tradition and value. We have seen trends ebb and flow, but maintained course with one constant, quality. With the Shaftesbury line of guitars we kick off yet another decade with a range of instruments we can be proud of. We perpetuate the legacy of London music with great looking, playing and sounding instruments. Rose Morris continues to make history with you, playing live.


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